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Dee Scarr is an environmentalist and experienced naturalist whose goal is to help you better understand marine creatures - first-hand on TOUCH THE SEA® dives, or through her writings and slide presentations.

A PADI scuba and specialty instructor, Scarr has published three books: Touch the Sea, Coral's Reef, and The Gentle Sea, and her articles and photos appear in The New Guide to the Bonaire Marine Park, Dive Training, Skin Diver, and other publications.

TOUCH THE SEA® participants have fed anemones, tickled fish, met morays, befriended octopuses, been grabbed by crinoids and manicured by cleaner shrimp. The options are limitless.

TOUCH THE SEA® dives take place in the world-renowned waters of the Bonaire Marine Park. Bonaire's easy diving enables TOUCH THE SEA® participants of all levels of diving experience to fully enjoy the marine environment.

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