In Touch the Sea Scarr shares her interactions with marine friends, including moray eels Adelle Davis and Popcorn, peacock flounder Oliver Twist, and Cheryl Tiegs Shark. Nonfiction, color photographs.
Coral's Reef is a story written to help children learn about the gentle world beneath the sea. Black and white illustrations and cover art by Heleen Cornet.
The Gentle Sea was written - with humor and plenty of personal experiences - to help divers and snorkelers better understand the behaviors of the marine creatures they watch. "The undersea world, seen through the educated eyes and friendly fingers of Touch-the-Sea Dee."
Dr. Eugenie Clark

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The Gentle Sea $18.00

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Dee Scarr is the ultimate friend of all sea creatures. She is a gentlewoman with an underwater code of ethics and etiquette we all should heed.
Dr. Eugenie Clark
TOUCH THE SEA® remains a unique experience because nothing can equal meeting Scarr's marine family face to face ... or hand to chin ... or seeing firsthand her adept way with these creatures of the reef.
Physician's Sportlife
Dee Scarr's affection for the (undersea critters) that she has befriended is contagious and imparts a fresh appreciation for the fragility and wonder of the coral reef and its residents. In addition, her guests will likely see more of the reef than ever before as a function of Dee's sensitive and selective vision.
Skin Diver
There may not be another diver in this hemisphere with the experience Dee has with the whole spectrum of marine life.
Stan Waterman

Dee Scarr has been a pioneer in making the underwater world a less alien place.


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